August 31st, 2007

blue legacy

ya'll ready for this?

friday ii

the third line, undivided, show its subject urging his way with good horses. it will be advantageous for him to realise the difficulty of his course, and to be firm and correct, exercising himself daily in his charioteering and methods of defence - then there will be advantage in whatever direction he may advance.

it is needless to add that in consequence of madame de watteville's close intimacy with the archbishop, the three or four clever or remarkable abbes of the diocese who were not averse to good feeding were very much at home at her house.

he waited no longer to ponder over the matter, but started off at a full run for the nearest police station. he rushed into the room and told his story breathlessly.

but what have i done with my life?

the stormy evening closes now in vain,
loud wails the wind and beats the driving rain,
while here in sheltered house
with fire-ypainted walls,
i hear the wind abroad,
i hark the calling squalls -
'blow, blow,' i cry, 'you burst your cheeks in vain!
blow, blow,' i cry, 'my love is home again!'

the third line, undivided, shows its subject treating the members of the household with stern severity. if the wife and children were to be smirking and chattering, in the end there would be occasion for regret.

also, in a way, i read saduko's mind and understood that at the moment he did not wish to discuss the matter of his hideous disappointment. whatever else may have been false in this man's nature, one thing rang true, namely, his love or his infatuation for the girl mameena. throughout his life she was his guiding star--about as evil a star as could have arisen upon any man's horizon; the fatal star that was to light him down to doom. let me thank providence, as i do, that i was so fortunate as to escape its baneful influences, although i admit that they attracted me not a little.

may he incite death against them, let them go down alive into the nether-world; for evil is in their dwelling, and within them. as for me, i will call upon god; and the lord shall save me.
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