March 3rd, 2008

always a tiger

it's the feel good time of day/it's the season to keep me on & on

monday xxx

today's snippets are maybe a bit morose, but no reflection on the present.
yesterday was a feel good day, spring is knocking at the door, although we still have more snow on the way yet. change and rebirth arrive inevitably.

send out the singers -- let the room be still;
they have not eased my pain nor brought me sleep.
close out the sun, for i would have it dark
that i may feel how black the grave will be.
the sun is setting, for the light is red,
and you are outlined in a golden fire,
like ursula upon an altar-screen.
come, leave the light and sit beside my bed,
for i have had enough of saints and prayers.
strange broken thoughts are beating in my brain,
they come and vanish and again they come.

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can we
get a little grace and
some elegance?
so we scream at
why can't it
be beautiful?
why does there
gotta be a sac-sac-sacrifice?
gotta be a sacri-sacrifice?
gotta be a sac-sac-sacrifice?
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    mirror, mirror, where's the crystal palace? but i only can see myself
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