March 13th, 2008

always a tiger

it's disgraceful the way you hang around all day doing nothing!!!

now you get out there and chase some rabbits!

thursday xxxi

the third line, divided, shows its subject distraught amid the startling movements going on. if those movements excite him to proper action, there will be no mistake. when the time of movement comes, the subject will be found looking out with apprehension, yet smiling and talking cheerfully. when the movement, like a crash of thunder, terrifies all within a hundred li, he will be like the sincere worshipper, who is not startled into letting go his ladle and cup of sacrificial spirits.

but to these things i gave less thought than to the sudden frustration of all our plans. with the bitterest of thoughts i condemned myself for the foolish weakness that had permitted me to be drawn from the main object of my flight into premature and useless exploration. yet i could not give up hope entirely. my duty lay clear before me; i must follow it while life remained to me, and so i set forth toward the north.

or perhaps anything was a relief from the incubus.

and then, just as she caught up, he in full stride, and she leaping with nose at his knee, there was a sudden flash, a burst of smoke, a terrific detonation, and where man and dog had been the instant before there was naught to be seen but a big hole in the ground.

twixt ship and ship, withouten fear or care
who should her follow, trouble, stop or stay,
and forth to sea made lucky speed and way.

he was conscious that here he was in contact with the springs that set in motion the enormous movements of the mass of which in his regiment he felt himself a tiny, obedient, and insignificant atom.
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