March 23rd, 2008

always a tiger

aauto lost

only in the vanity which we cannot pierce, it is true that much of it rebelled against me, my councillors, and servants. therefore i destroyed the world as it was with a solemn shadow on his face when he found that none of the things i said when i was lonely
i thought again
and changed my mind


the sixth line, undivided, shows its subject as a lady. the horses of her chariot seem to be retreating. not by a caste, not by a spoiler is she assailed, but by one who seeks her to be his wife. advance will be fortunate, and in every stage of
their existence.

'what is the place of blood. but he will get to?" i cried. "are there any fences anywhere in this fog? can he bolt into the forest? what's to be done
always a tiger


sunday xxxiii
faith of the faithless
hope of the hopeless
love of the loveless

if you're unfamiliar, you should pay heed to the grand oral disseminator.

so i'm planning on seeing the band the paper chase when they're in town on thursday; flipping through the channels this morning, a movie on amc catches my eye; look it up & sure enough it's the paper chase.

you don't need eyes to see
you need vision

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