March 27th, 2008

always a tiger

a sense of place

thursday xxxiii

the card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. knight of clubs: a journey. advancement into the unknown. alteration. fight. absence. change of residence.

but god hath introduced man to be a spectator of himself and
of his works; and not a spectator only, but also an interpreter
of them. wherefore it is a shame for man to begin and to leave
off where the brutes do. rather he should begin there, and leave
off where nature leaves off in us: and that is at contemplation,
and understanding, and a manner of life that is in harmony with
see then that ye die not without being spectators of these things.

"although i am not precisely a voluntary resident on your comet, mr. professor, i beg to acknowledge your courteous reception."

mr. darling felt in his bones that all the blame was his for having chained nana up, and that from first to last she had been wiser than he. of course, as we have seen, he was quite a simple man; indeed be might have passed for a boy again if he had been able to take his baldness off; but he had also a noble sense of justice and a lion's courage to do what seemed right to him; and having thought the matter out with anxious care after the flight of the children, he went down on all fours and crawled into the kennel. to all mrs. darling's dear invitations to him to come out he replied sadly but firmly:
"no, my own one, this is the place for me."

socrates in answer appeals first of all to the old orphic tradition that the souls of the dead are in the world below, and that the living come from them. this he attempts to found on a philosophical assumption that all opposites--e.g. less, greater; weaker, stronger; sleeping, waking; life, death--are generated out of each other. nor can the process of generation be only a passage from living to dying, for then all would end in death. the perpetual sleeper (endymion) would be no longer distinguished from the rest of mankind. the circle of nature is not complete unless the living come from the dead as well as pass to them.

i once observed a man who had a trick of continually raising his eyebrows without any corresponding emotion, and this gave to him a foolish appearance; so it is with some persons who keep the corners of their mouths a little drawn backwards and upwards, as if by an incipient smile, though at the time they are not amused or pleased.

uncle jesse is apprehensive (that means nervous)
uncle're never scared!
being an uncle is easy
now i'm gonna be totally responsible
i make one wrong decision i screw up two lives
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