March 29th, 2008

always a tiger

automatic poetry

the first line, undivided, shows its subject keeping his loins at rest, and separating the ribs from the body below. the situation is perilous, and the heart glows with suppressed excitement.

but the people are many, and it is a thing you've forgotten
and that's to learn to live with what you are

slippin’ in my faith
until i fall
you never returned
that call

the idea of perfection holds me
how can i be true?
shall i be faithless to myself
or to you?


"i am not frightened," said leehallfae quietly - ae had been gradually recovering aer tranquillity - "but when one has lived as long as i can, for i know the provinces and men and things, and, better still, i know self-interests. but these friends of yours, though full of the holy ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.
always a tiger

hit the ground hard running down/that highway line/say a prayer for/the ones you have left behind

spin me round
and rub my eyes
this can't
be happening

coming home at about 2, walking through the parking lot, took advantage of the cloudless sky to take in the stars (shining like rebel diamonds they were) and was treated to the sight of a large flock of birds (who knows what kind, not me anyway) in extended v formation, more than fifty. it reminded me of:

it also reminded me that in order to see the beauty in the sky one actually has to venture out there and take a look.

as always the evening had a terrific soundtrack. there aren't words to describe the power of music and its importance. right this second: don't you worry / we'll all float on okay

speaking of music, i found out the paper chase weren't really my thing. but it was nice talking to the bassist between sets when dire straits 'romeo and juliet' came on the house music; he doesn't like dire straits, but that one song is a guilty pleasure. myself i like the killers' cover i heard again just a bit ago. the original too of course.

saturday xxxiii

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    you know i could stay here all night/and watch the clouds fall from the sky
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