March 30th, 2008

always a tiger


sunday xxxiv

"i say nothing as to your verses; they are a good deal better than all the poetical wares that are cumbering the ground in booksellers' backshops just now. elegant 'nightingales' of that sort cost a little more than the others, because they are printed on hand-made paper, but they nearly all of them come down at last to the banks of the seine. you may study their range of notes there any day if you care to make an instructive pilgrimage along the quais from old jerome's stall by the pont notre dame to the pont royal. you will find them all there-- all the essays in verse, the inspirations, the lofty flights, the hymns, and songs, and ballads, and odes; all the nestfuls hatched during the last seven years, in fact."

it is my affliction, that being already blind, i am not deaf too.

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