January 23rd, 2009

pearl of wisdom

"you look like you could do with a friend" she said

it's nice to sit in the mostly dark, looking out on the sleeping city, listening to margot.

you should try it some time.


i'm such a nite owl. ha!

no, but honestly more of a manhattan. with an extra dash of bitters. oh so bitter and wry. and sweet and dry. and blue. and almost omnipotent. almost surely going to be omnipotent soon.

an isolated isotope seeking fusion. finding confusion.

it's october 1997. i'm watching adam work the crowd but thinking only of you.

it's november 1993. i'm riding in a car with you and several other people as we exhibit kelvin–helmholtz instability. we're going to get coffee. i don't drink coffee.

it's march 2018. celebrating a monumental birthday. he looks every bit of his age, and every bit the father of two teenage daughters. not that i could empathize.

it's january 1982. i've got them all spellbound. they're eating out of my hand. i'm going to be a big star.

it's december 2022. christmas island. lovely date. lovely weather. i'm watching adam work the crowd but thinking only of you. because it's october 1997. it's january 2009. it's april 2047. time is a string. any attempt you make to change it will fail somehow. but me, i can change it.
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pearl of wisdom

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friday lxxvi bis

dreaming and in a restaurant by myself, appetizers piled up (onion rings and crab cakes), and the waiter (a complete stranger) asks "what's the name of your next girlfriend?" and i'm hearing ben folds singing "judy..." in my head as i wake up without having replied. you heard it here first.

also, the number of people who are interested in owls is unsettling.