March 23rd, 2009

blue legacy


monday lxxxv

"and then," said he, "we go to the uplands again and fetch another;" so that marrying of wives was reckoned a kind of good farm to them. it is true the fellow told this in a kind of drollery and mirth; but the fact, for all that, is certainly true; and that they have abundance of wives by that very means.

no snow, no wolves, nor anything like them; but when we told our story at toulouse, they told us it was nothing but what was ordinary in the great forest at the foot of the mountains, especially when the snow lay on the ground; but they inquired much what kind of guide we had got who would venture to bring us that way in such a severe season, and told us it was surprising we were not all devoured.

the sight of the river and the bridge he was nearing sug- gested a plan, and the ominous grating of the overheated motor warned him that whatever he was to do he must do at once. as he neared the bridge he reduced the speed of the car to fifteen miles an hour, and set the hand throttle to hold it there. still gripping the steering wheel with one hand, he climbed over the left-hand door to the running board. as the front wheels of the car ran up onto the bridge barney gave the steering wheel a sudden turn to the right, and jumped.

mouse. o, i know thee now, thou art he that eats up all the hips and haws; we could not have one piece of fat bacon for thee all this year.

mucedorus. thou dost mistake me; but i pray thee, tell me what dost thou seek in these woods?

mouse. what do i seek? for a stray king's daughter run away with a shepherd.
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