March 25th, 2009


in the rain, in the evening, i /will/ come again.

pj harvey was on leno :)

somber song (black-hearted love), somber dress, somber backdrop, and she's bouncing around the stage like a dervish. c'est parfait!

and who would suspect me?

of this rapture...
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    i'd like to take you to a place i know / my black-hearted love

and how do you know so much about temptation?

wednesday lxxxv bis

then have you ever noticed that crowned heads display more pleasure in attacking the bill of fare provided them, than private persons theirs?

no, rather the reverse (the poet answered); if anything, they show a less degree of gusto, unless they are vastly libelled.

have i not ever drawn nigh unto thee with cheerful look, waiting upon thy commands, attentive to thy signals?
wilt thou that i now depart from the great assembly of men?
i go.

(compare his jeu d'esprit about his burial, in which for a moment he puts on the 'silenus mask')

"my dearest cousin, cannot you tell me what has happened?" asked phoebe, with a sunny and tearful sympathy. "what is it that moves you so?"
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    belle, belle comme une ak-47