May 19th, 2009


it had all been what art should be--unconscious, ideal, and remote.

the ninth and final card, placed in the center bottom of the triangle, represents the final outcome unless you change course. les barons (wild card): the most extreme of unexpected events, to be met with urbane sophistication and a sense of humor. embracing things both primal and transcendental, and living beyond the boundaries of society. extraordinary sex and adventure. flirtation with death.

"rise, rise," said richard, smiling: "robin is king here, as his lady hath shown. I have heard much of thee, robin, both of thy present and thy former state. and this, thy fair forest-queen, is, if tales say true, the lady matilda fitzwater."

marian signed acknowledgment.

without understanding a single sigh of her heart?

monday xciii
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    like a melodrama/in a simple manner/love played the leading part (etta jones)
baby i'm a big star

repel, o thunder-armed, in all directions all attacks on us: and be our own most glorious god.

"what has damped our noble courage this morning?" he exclaimed.

there is something atavistic in me; i hark back to unconstitutional monarchs. they christened me too retrogressively, i think. i wanted to get things done. i was bored. i might have fallen into vice, most intelligent and energetic princes do, but the palace precautions were unusually thorough. i was brought up in the purest court the world has ever seen. . . . alertly pure.... so i read books, firmin, and went about asking questions.

in what strange venture was he now to be involved, toward what unknown vortex was this new current setting, this current that had so suddenly snatched him from the solid ground of his accustomed life?

tuesday xciii
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