May 21st, 2009

baby i'm a big star

it's just a washcloth

unless verden and the state repudiated him and his gang of trouble breeders the poison of their opinions would infect the healthy fabric of the community.

the comrade she helped me to dealt in three sorts of craft, viz. shoplifting, stealing of shop-books and pocket-books, and taking off gold watches from the ladies' sides; and this last she did so dexterously that no woman ever arrived to the performance of that art so as to do it like her. i liked the first and the last of these things very well, and i attended her some time in the practice, just as a deputy attends a midwife, without any pay.

bathsheba had nothing to say. she entered her bedroom and sat by the window, and thought and thought till night enveloped her, and the extreme lines only of her shape were visible.

wednesday xciii
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