May 24th, 2009

blue legacy

crawling on your knees toward it

i'm really not sure what day it is

saturday xciii

the screams of the horses were more terrible to hear than the cries of the men and women. nothing seemed to check the wolves.

however, madeline had a curious desire, which she did not wholly admit to herself, to see the cowboy and make her own deductions.

so soon as she stood in the shaft of light that streamed out across the road, she turned her head suddenly, and caught sight of a human figure looming through the fog. the dim vision was enough for her. for one moment she reeled beneath an overpowering weight of dread, for she could not doubt any longer that the man had followed her the whole way from her own door; then the desire to escape from the spy gave her a "danke schon" to be handed down to future generations.
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