June 16th, 2009

goat of the sea beef

what was

letters are in vain for the purposes of intimacy; an absence is a dead break in the relation; yet two who know each other fully and are bent on perpetuity in love, may so preserve the attitude of their affections that they may meet on the same terms as they had parted.

sunday xcvii

still i remember how i strove to flee
the love-note of the birds, and bowed my head
to hurry faster, but upon the ground
i saw two winged shadows side by side,
and all the world's spring passion stifled me.
ah, love, there is no fleeing from thy might.
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blue legacy

days past

there was nothing whatever to prevent shakespear from being as decent as more was before him, or bunyan after him, and as self-respecting as raleigh or sidney, except the tradition of his class, in which education or statesmanship may no doubt be acquired by those who have a turn for them, but in which insolence, derision, profligacy, obscene jesting, debt contracting, and rowdy mischievousness, give continual scandal to the pious, serious, industrious, solvent bourgeois. no other class is infatuated enough to believe that gentlemen are born and not made by a very elaborate process of culture.

monmouth and ferguson may have conceived they did a wise thing in removing a man who was instinctively spoiling for a little sword-play with my lord grey. it is odds that had he remained, the brewing storm between the pair would have come to a head. had it done so, it is more than likely, from what we know of mr. wilding's accomplishments, that he had given lord grey his quietus. and had that happened, it is to be inferred from history that it is possible the duke of monmouth's rebellion might have had a less disastrous issue.

i took a gloomy pride in the admiration which our lovely companion everywhere excited. i learned, in those days, how rare a thing in nature is a really beautiful woman.

one afternoon we found ourselves at an exhibition of water colors in bond street. karamaneh was intensely interested in the subjects of the drawings--which were entirely egyptian. as usual, she furnished matter for comment amongst the other visitors, as did the boy, aziz, her brother, anew upon the world from his living grave in the house of dr. fu-manchu.

she knew, from her associations with the underworld as the white moll in the old days, where such things could be purchased and no questions asked, if one were known.

"i find miss grammont an extremely interesting--and stimulating human being."

"so i have understood," i answered, "but does this lady live here?"

"oh, no. she is dead, or i believe that she is dead. i am not sure, because i make it a rule never to pry into people's private affairs."

"well, kiddo," he began briskly, "we've got to be moving. time to get back to work now. the old town and the little shop down in avenue b have been calling me."

so all the men of israel were gathered against the city, knit together as one man.

monday xcvii
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