June 17th, 2009


gravity varies

the bottom card represents the critical factor that decides what will come to pass. four of cups (luxury), when reversed: new possibilities. new relationships. new approaches to old problems. new acquaintance. new knowledge.

if any one wishes to yield anything, let him do it at the peril of his conscience.

montes directed madeline's attention to a man by the window. a loose scarf of vivid red hung from his hand.

"what is he doing?"

"he is twisting his mustache."

"and now?"

"he is taking a photograph out of his pocket."

"whose photograph is it?"

"his own."

that was true, for the photograph had been given me that same evening at the hotel.

"what is his attitude in this portrait?"

"he is standing up with his hat in his hand."

together they fell to the floor in a dazed and crumpled condition, seeing which kaliko whispered to betsy:

"come with me--quick!--and i will save you."

she looked at him as if she would not trouble to answer. then:

"all human ideas, arrayed in every attractive form which Mystery can invent surrounded a blind man seated in a wayside ditch. three worlds, the Natural, the Spiritual, the Divine, with all their spheres, opened their portals to a florentine exile; he walked attended by the Happy and the Unhappy; by those who prayed and those who moaned; by angels and by souls in hell. when the Sent of God, who knew and could accomplish all things, appeared to three of his disciples it was at eventide, at the common table of the humblest of inns; and then and there the Light broke forth, shattering Material Forms, illuminating the Spiritual Faculties, so that they saw him in his glory, and the earth lay at their feet like a cast-off sandal."

tuesday xcvii
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i'm only here in snatches (i'm only hearin' snatches)

the fox without a tail / the fox without a tale

wednesday xcvii

each partner to the contract would be on his mettle, forced to live up to the highest standard of self-development, on pain of losing the other's respect and affection. the low nature could no longer drag the higher down, but must struggle to rise, or remain alone on its inferior level. the only necessary condition to a harmonious marriage was a frank recognition of this truth, and a solemn agreement between the contracting parties to keep faith with themselves, and not to live together for a moment after complete accord had ceased to exist between them. the new adultery was unfaithfulness to self.

sasha was dispatched to bring the poet, that he might receive his well-earned praise and reward. but alas for simon petrovitch? his legs had already doubled under him. he was awarded fifty rubles and a new caftan, which he was not in a condition to accept until several days afterward.

that is "charity," and it is the special industry of roman catholicism. they have been at it for a thousand years, cleaning up loathsome and unsightly messes--"plague, pestilence and famine, battle and murder and sudden death."

asie then jumped into a hackney cab on the place de l'hotel de ville, and said to the driver, "to the temple, and look sharp, i'll tip you well."

a woman dressed like asie could disappear, without any questions being asked, in the huge market-place, where all the rags in paris are gathered together, where a thousand costermongers wander round, and two hundred old-clothes sellers are chaffering.

the american birth control league aims to enlighten and educate all sections of the american public in the various aspects of the dangers of uncontrolled procreation and the imperative necessity of a world program of birth control.
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