June 22nd, 2009


e a poe ts

to think where once my fancy strayed,
i muse on what the years may be
whose coming tales are all unsaid,
till tongs and shovel, snugly laid
within their shadowed niches, grow
by grim degrees to pick and spade,
as one by one the phantoms go.

but then, what though the mystic three
around me ply their merry trade? --
and charon soon may carry me
across the gloomy stygian glade? --

who laughs at a tumble and grins at a bruise?
who climbs over fences and clambers up trees,
and scrapes all the skin off his shins and his knees?
who sometimes comes home all bespattered with blood
that was drawn by a fall? it's that rascal called bud.

yet, who is it makes all our toiling worth while?
who can cure every ache that we know, by his smile?
who is prince to his mother and king to his dad
and makes us forget that we ever were sad?
who is center of all that we dream of and plan,
our baby to-day but to-morrow our man?

sunday xcviii
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seven contemplate nine

the fourth line, divided, shows one contemplating the glory of the kingdom. it will be advantageous for him, being such as he is, to seek to be a guest of the king.

the fifth line, undivided, shows its subject contemplating his own life. a superior man, he will thus fall into no error.

the card at the top represents one possible mask of your true destination. four of swords (truce): retreat from the battlefield of life. a rest from the conflicts with colleagues or competitors. calm in the storm. self-imposed exile.

"it's the chartreuse that's lacking," commented caraher, lowering at annixter. the other flared up on the instant.

therefore, as every one complains, the course of the world now is such that both young and old are altogether dissolute and beyond control, have no reverence nor sense of honor, do nothing except as they are driven to it by blows, and perpetrate what wrong and detraction they can behind each other's back.

mr. bain (`the emotions and the will,' p. 64) has discussed the "abashed" feelings experienced on these occasions, as well as the stage-fright of actors unused to the stage. mr. bain apparently attributes these feelings to simple apprehension or dread.

monday xcviii
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