July 14th, 2009

the goat i am

after dinner

after dinner, he had a book in his lap, but he had no eyes for his page: his eyes, in the swarming void of things, seemed to have caught kate creston's, and it was into their sad silences he looked. it was to him her sentient spirit had turned, knowing it to be of her he would think. he thought for a long time of how the closed eyes of dead women could still live - how they could open again, in a quiet lamplit room, long after they had looked their last. they had looks that survived - had them as great poets had quoted lines.

monday ci bis
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    and then you whisper in my ear / i know what you're doing here
blue legacy

all of the stars are / wandering around tonight // we used to try them on

"i have a great shock for you; i hope you are not so far gone in love as you pretended to be."

it was of no use protesting, against mrs. cadwallader's way of putting things. but sir james's countenance changed a little. he felt a vague alarm.

"i do believe brooke is going to expose himself after all. i accused him of meaning to stand for middlemarch on the liberal side, and he looked silly and never denied it--talked about the independent line, and the usual nonsense."

"is that all?" said sir james, much relieved.

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