January 10th, 2010


again, tv, you have misled us.

question posed: what would the world be like if the simpsons had never been created?

sting: "desolation. i mean, cultural desolation. without the simpsons? it would be like, you know, a cormac mccarthy novel. just scorched earth. nothing."

also, the city of springfield is based on portland, oregon. ha!
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47 ronin


"all this," said the astronomer, "i have often thought; but my
reason has been so long subjugated by an uncontrollable and
overwhelming idea, that it durst not confide in its own decisions.
i now see how fatally i betrayed my quiet, by suffering chimeras to
prey upon me in secret; but melancholy shrinks from communication,
and i never found a man before to whom i could impart my troubles,
though i had been certain of relief. i rejoice to find my own
sentiments confirmed by yours, who are not easily deceived, and can
have no motive or purpose to deceive. i hope that time and variety
will dissipate the gloom that has so long surrounded me, and the
latter part of my days will be spent in peace."

"your learning and virtue," said imlac, "may justly give you

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47 ronin


you know, odds, they get a bad rep.
even the name, "odds". it suggests irregularity.
but you know, numerically, actually, odds are hyperregular.

the odds in change your life are one in five-point-four-seven.
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