February 7th, 2010

47 ronin

we don't need another hiro

a good example of why i stick with series gone bad which have potential to be good:

heroes has been terrible for quite some time now (and was never consistently great to begin with), but i've kept up. [btw, ellen tigh has joined the cast for the current storyline, not that i'm recommending the show]. but i just watched an episode from january in which hiro is put on a metaphysical trial for the crime of using time travel for personal gain, and the judge is his father, george takei. it wasn't very deep but it was entertaining. especially when hiro gets on the witness stand to defend his actions:

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daft hunk

six more weeks?

i'm not watching the super bowl, per se, but i have it on, muted, in the background.

i did rewind it to see the verdict of punxsutawney polamalu:

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define irony

shannon sharpe saying: this shows the great thing about sports, you can't script this. ha!
as if this hadn't been scripted.
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let it be written. i. am an ass.

laughter is the best. - philo of alexandria

how much lies in laughter: the cipher-key,
wherewith we decipher the whole man.

i heard an unusual noise, looked up, thought it might have been cat 2, but she was sitting still.
i heard it again.
i looked up surreptitiously.
sure enough, she was chasing her tail in circles.
typically the only place she does this is in the bathtub, because there she sees the shadow of her tail and starts chasing that.
she's self-conscious enough that she doesn't like to be observed doing it.

while the ludicrous has no appeal for me as the foundation for the dramatic, it's often good fodder for the comedic.

house is terrific for that:
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the great thing about house is he's always messing with and pointing out how unreliable are our estimations of other people's intentions based on the limited evidence available to us. but what are we gonna do?

and his saying of things that typically go unsaid.

"i was spending time with you because i want to touch your boobs."
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blue legacy

recent fortunes

there is beauty in everything, only not everyone sees it.
some pursue happiness, you create it.
you will enjoy razor-sharp spiritual vision today.

sunday cxxxii
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