February 23rd, 2010


whatever happens, we must know how to suffer in silence.

(knowing is easy. it's the doing that's tricky.)

i kissed her hand and dropped on it a tear, which the tone of real feeling in her voice had brought to my eyes. in the advice she had given me, i read high principle worthy of herself and of me, true wisdom, and a tenderness of heart unspoilt by the narrow code of society. above all, i saw that she understood my character. these few simple words summed up the lessons which life and experience had brought her, perhaps at a heavy price.

(a camp in the dark - 47)

the thing was easy to decide, hard to accomplish. in this sensible roaring blackness i was sure of nothing but the direction of the wind. to this i set my face ; the road had disappeared, and i went across country, now in marshy opens, now baffled by walls unscalable to modestine, until i came once more in sight of some red windows. this time they were differently disposed. it was not fouzilhic, but fouzilhac, a hamlet little distant from the other in space, but worlds away in the spirit of its inhabitants. i tied modestine to a gate, and groped forward, stumbling among rocks, plunging mid-leg in bog, until i gained the entrance of the village. in the first lighted house there was a woman who would not open to me. she could do nothing, she cried to me through the door, being alone and lame ; but if I would apply at the next house, there was a man who could help me if he had a mind.

"to whom are you speaking?" asked laurence.


"what 're you alassin' about?" says the bald-head.

"to think i should have lived to be leading such a life, and be degraded down into such company." and he begun to wipe the corner of his eye with a rag.

"i don't believe that," said rosa, smiling; "if that worthy person is spying after any one, it is certainly not after my father."

"after whom, then?"

"me, for instance."


"something extraordinary is going on, i am sure of it!" she exclaimed, looking at all of them.

"but how will you move your treasures up to town?"

"the simplest plan which i have found successful is an earthen jar. you may buy them with a cover which screws on with two iron clasps. if you do not find such, a piece of oilskin tied over the mouth is enough."

"why not?" said rosa, smiling.

"i don't say anything to the contrary."

"ah, that's true," cornelius observed, with a sigh. "you will not always have suitors in vain; this man may become your husband."


in your public life...
words that embody your presence are "inspiration, serendipity."

words that embody things that may be a part of you are "brain, bubble, clock, decadence, faith, hope, mask, scarab, space."

lostday cxxxiv quater
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setlist - evan dando - majestic café - detroit - 2/18/10

order song title original artist original album year
1 frying pan (victoria williams) sweet relief: a tribute to victoria -1993
2 ??????     ????
3 hannah & gabi   it's a shame about ray -1992
4 confetti   it's a shame about ray -1992
5 tenderfoot   car button cloth -1996
6 favorite t   come on feel the lemonheads -1993
7 beer run (george jones) n/a  
8 all my life (written by ben lee) baby i'm bored -2003
9 being around   come on feel the lemonheads -1993
10 no backbone   the lemonheads -2006
11 it's about time   come on feel the lemonheads -1993
12 stove   lovey -1990
13 my idea (written by c. brokaw) baby i'm bored -2003
14 hard drive (written by ben lee) baby i'm bored -2003
15 the same thing you thought hard about   baby i'm bored -2003
16 the turnpike down   it's a shame about ray -1992
17 ?????????????     ???
18 frank mills (hair) it's a shame about ray -1992
19 great big no   come on feel the lemonheads -1993
20 i wish i was him (ben lee) young and jaded -1995
21 how much i've lied (gram parsons) n/a  
22 mallo cup   lick -1989
23 i am a rabbit (pond scum) laughing all the way to the cleaners -1986
24 come back d.a.   lick -1989
25 die right now   creator -1988
26 your home is where you're happy (c. manson) creator -1988
27 window shopping (hank williams) n/a  
28 when i stop dreaming (johnny cash) n/a  
29 skulls (the misfits) favorite spanish dishes [ep] -1990
30 different drum (mike nesmith) different drum [single] -1990
31 it looks like you   baby i'm bored -2003
32 layin' up with linda (gg allin) varshons -2009
33 alison's starting to happen   it's a shame about ray -1992
34 in the grass all wine-colored   baby i'm bored -2003
35 why do you do this to yourself?   baby i'm bored -2003
36 steve's boy   the lemonheads -2006
37 the outdoor type   car button cloth -1996
38 my drug buddy   it's a shame about ray -1992
39 badi-da (fred neil) live at the brattle theatre -2001
40 into your arms   come on feel the lemonheads -1993
41 rudderless   it's a shame about ray -1992
42 hospital   car button cloth -1996
43 big gay heart   come on feel the lemonheads -1993
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