March 24th, 2010

blue legacy

palindromické číslo (¡ ah ha!)

in catalonia (of all places!), and through catalan influence, in spain, and by extension in the spanish-speaking countries and portugal (through spanish), exists the specific word capicúa, originated by the two catalan words "cap", meaning head, and "cúa", meaning tail. the conjunction "i" (and) joins them to create a new word that explains in itself the symmetry. this word is widely used in the colloquial language, rather than palindromic number (mathematics) or palindrome, for words, phrases, or others.

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    me coming back's something you'd never perceive
blue legacy

look familiar?

the card at the top represents one possible mask of your true destination. two of stones (harmony): harmonic situations.

a good engineer is always a wee bit conservative. at least on paper.


you melt me down
i'm at my lowest boiling point
come help me out
i need to get me out of this joint
come on let's bounce
counting on you to turn me around
instead of clowning around
let's look for some common ground
so baby
times are gettin' a little crazy
i've been gettin' a little lazy
waitin' on you to come save me
i can see that you're angry
by the way that you treat me
hopefully you don't leave me
wanna take you with me

if i could escape (escape)
and re-create a place as my own world (own world)

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    i didn't mean for you to get hurt