April 13th, 2010


get thee to a library!


monday cxli bis

second hands that minds have slowed
are moving even faster
toward bringing down
someone who's found
the questions but no answer
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incompatible ediacaran paleomagnetic directions suggest an equatorial geomagnetic dipole hypothesis

the news out of ann arbor.

david stevenson of the california institute of technology in pasadena (phd from cornell) says an equatorial pole is possible but it is not clear what would cause the field to point at a single longitude long enough to leave a magnetic signature in the rocks. fucking magnetic poles.

lostday cxli
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not the one

term of art

free probability

random matrix theory

enter the matrix. (4/7/10 by mark buchanan)

with enough variables to test, it becomes almost certain that you will detect correlations that look significant, even if they aren't.
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i post too often

a different sort of dharma symbol, courtesy of bythos' visualization engine

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you owl everybody

i don't like v, which follows lost, yet i've been watching it.
in tonight's episode one of the characters (samuel anders, no less) says:

you know, the humans, they have an expression they use when they realize what truly matters to them.
they say they've found their true north.

as he closes an ornate box with a compass inside. and Collapse )

fucking magnets.

blue legacy

i'll be your constant craving

[paris, 1953]

"hey, hey, i've seen this one. i've seen this one. this is a classic. this is, uh, where roger blin dresses up as pozzo."

"what do you mean you've seen this? it's brand new."

"yeah, well, i saw it on a ..... rerun."

"what's a rerun?"

"this entry is a rerun."

[and, scene.]

i already linked to / posted this video here, probably within the past year. but mnemosyne gave it to me at the grocer tonight, and well, you know.

maybe / a great magnet pulls / all souls towards truth

fucking magnet.

i'm not obnoxious, i'm just drawn that way.

reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope.