June 14th, 2010

my sorrows they learned to swim


went nowhere. term of art, austerian or austere? i wonder if the novel did. why must the wiki tell me lloyd simcoe was 47 in the novel?

glad i wasn't invested. rarely get invested anymore.
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    if all our days are numbered / then why do i keep counting?
47 ronin

try not to talk

steve zahn gets his paycheck in the third episode of tremé: $347 and change.


my first is singular at best:
more plural is my second:
my third is far the pluralest -
so plural-plural, i protest
it scarcely can be reckoned!

my first is followed by a bird:
my second by believers
in magic art: my simple third
follows, too often, hopes absurd
and plausible deceivers.

my first to get at wisdom tries -
a failure melancholy!
my second men revered as wise:
my third from heights of wisdom flies
to depths of frantic folly.

my first is ageing day by day:
my second's age is ended:
my third enjoys an age, they say,
that never seems to fade away,
through centuries extended.

my whole? i need a poet's pen
to paint her myriad phases:
the monarch, and the slave, of men -
a mountain-summit, and a den
of dark and deadly mazes -

a flashing light--a fleeting shade -
beginning, end, and middle
of all that human art hath made
or wit devised! go, seek her aid,
if you would read my riddle!

monday cli
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