July 12th, 2010


here's to life!


in continuing this year's trend of seeing my favorite bands live, i saw tonight roger clyne, formerly of the short-lived refreshments, since 1998 going under the moniker roger clyne and the peacemakers. you may know them, without knowing them, from the king of the hill theme song, if you don't know them from banditos. the band never really took off despite a few radio hits, and none of my friends liked them like i liked them (if they even liked them). never really met anyone who did. so i was very surprised to see that about 300 people came out to see them, and most of them (plenty of whom were younger than i) knew the lyrics to all of the songs. i myself only knew the eight that came from the two refreshments albums. i'd heard a few of the songs released as rcpm, but had not spent much time with them. a fun fantastic 23 song set with lots of crowd participation.

(not from tonight):

sunday clvi
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i never sleep man

term of art

sling psychrometer

(photo of the mount washington observatory, taken 4/7/04 -- wiki)
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joe sherlock

one day off / or six days on the other side

not bad at all, universe:

today's snoopyism (originally published july 15, 1963):

the path of the total solar eclipse of saturday, july 20, 1963 included maine, alaska, northern canada, and hokkaidō, the largest and northernmost of japan's 47 prefectures.

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yukon cornelione

we're living in a / den of thieves / rummaging for answers / in the pages

very early in my life, i separated from my mother. possibly this was because, after the death of my father, she took to herself a second husband. i have few recollections of him, and they are not of the best. he was a light fellow. there was no solidity to him. he was too voluble. his infernal chattering worries me even now as i think of it. his mind was too inconsequential to permit him to possess purpose. monkeys in their cages always remind me of him. he was monkeyish. that is the best description i can give of him.

there is one puzzling thing about these prehistoric memories of mine. it is the vagueness of the time element. i do not always know the order of events;--nor can i tell, between some events, whether one, two, or four or five years have elapsed. i can only roughly tell the passage of time by judging the changes in the appearance and pursuits of my fellows.

also, i can apply the logic of events to the various happenings. for instance, there is no doubt whatever that my mother and i were treed by the wild pigs and fled and fell in the days before i made the acquaintance of lop-ear, who became what i may call my boyhood chum. and it is just as conclusive that between these two periods i must have left my mother.

i have no memory of my father than the one i have given. never, in the years that followed, did he reappear. and from my knowledge of the times, the only explanation possible lies in that he perished shortly after the adventure with the wild pigs. that it must have been an untimely end, there is no discussion. he was in full vigor, and only sudden and violent death could have taken him off. but i know not the manner of his going--whether he was drowned in the river, or was swallowed by a snake, or went into the stomach of old saber-tooth, the tiger, is beyond my knowledge.

for know that i remember only the things i saw myself, with my own eyes, in those prehistoric days. if my mother knew my father's end, she never told me. for that matter i doubt if she had a vocabulary adequate to convey such information. perhaps, all told, the folk in that day had a vocabulary of thirty or forty sounds.

robin and ben: or, the pirate and the apothecary

come, lend me an attentive ear
a startling moral tale to hear,
of pirate rob and chemist ben,
and different destinies of men.

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monday clvi ter
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faithful and mad

"oh, damn, and i was looking forward to seeing an eclipse in 600002009."

on my favorite subject, something i hadn't really thought about:

the sun is ~400 times wider than the moon, but it is also ~400 times farther away. because of the symmetry, the lunar umbra that falls on the face of the earth is (for all intents and purposes) exactly wide enough to cover the face of the sun. but that needn't be the case.*

q "is this just some bizarre cosmic chance?"

a "yes. and it's not static. it only appears that way at this particular point of time in our history. the moon is moving away from the earth. about 600 million years from now, it will have moved far enough away that there will no longer be total solar eclipses on earth."

*if unsourced statements on the interwebs are to be believed anyway.

i asked bythos for a song & he gave me recovering the satellites. well played!
(this was one of the favorites adam sang last week)
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