August 4th, 2010

let it be written. i. am an ass.

cassette is a french word meaning "little box"

albert whisker: do you still listen to your old cassettes tapes?

hidaisy (6 months ago):

I fond of all my old stuff and have collected them since I was a child even if I have moved many times I insist on keeping them by my side all the time.I have old cassettes and still play them when I am in a good mood for I'm kinda nostalgic person as all my friends have already know.And I also have some CD and sometimes download music from the Internet.I enjoy music especially old songs every day so I can't imagine what life would be if I lived without them.

All my old stuff is my cup of tea,my story,my memory which is one of the most precious parts of my soul.

Good question.Thank you for asking!

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