October 29th, 2010

everybody's tired of something

wolodymyr's meme. SO PLEASE READ!

proximoception once stated "jones_casey clearly believes in something".
well, one thing i believe is that you'll see signs if you watch for them, but it isn't always clear what the signs mean. today, mnemosyne (my ipod) gave me 4 different versions of the counting crows' mr. jones in a 3-hour span (from 2700 songs), which clearly means i'm supposed to post my version of wolodymyr's meme today, which is overly ambitious but i'd been considering doing anyhow. foolishness and bravery are often the same thing, and while this isn't the prime example of my foolishness at the moment, i give you:

skip to the meme!
like all_unnecessary i'm adding a visual element.

post a comment, and i will paint* your picture in blue and red and black and grey. (all of these beautiful colors are very very meaningful). and i'll also add your favorite color, if it's not one of the above. your comment must therefore include your favorite color. i will then caption your portrait using some combination of counting crows lyrics and/or my own lyrics drafted in the style of adam duritz.

important notes:
1. these portraits are a gift to the commenter, who will decide whether they want them shared publicly (i won't post them myself).the people who don't want to share the picture could still share the caption.
2. i have photos of most everyone on my f-list but if you think i might not have your photo, feel free to e-mail me one at casey_donal_jones@yahoo.com. if you don't want your likeness used, let me know, and i'll instead sketch an abstract conception of you as your stand-in.
3. jones_casey's not a professional artist+, so don't expect a picasso.
4. if you've already done your own version of this meme, you're more likely to have yours completed first by me.

*NB: paint will likely mean with colored pencils, but we'll see what happens
+see, e.g. this.
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