March 17th, 2011

owl quiet on the western front

cooper's dictum

[ladies and] gentlemen, when two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention.
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march is for the mad + luck of the irish

it's been several years since i had the entire day free to watch opening thursday of the ncaa tournament, and it's on st. patrick's day, no less. i'm going to savour it. got my brackets ready to go, and an early congrats go to the spartans for their stunning trip to the final four & to duke for winning the whole thing while facing traditional rivals like michigan, unc, and kansas.

and luck of the irish for notre dame and st. john's will see them go a little ways if not too much farther.

thursday cxix
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baby i'm a big star

irish spring

as a further note on this lovely saint patrick's day, it's seventy degrees here in michigan, where it's been in the low 40s for quite some time. (the daily hi temps jumped from 39 to 56 to today's 70)

thursday ccix ter
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term of art

game of venery

oh, i am beyond delighted!

i'm astounded not to have known this before, but it seems that in 1968 james lipton published a book called an exaltation of larks, which has since been revised, including a 1993 edition, the subject of which is the above, along with terms of venery, both historic and of his own invention. i've always liked james lipton, despite not knowing this, nor that he was born and raised in south detroit (well, maybe not south, but the boston-edison district anyway).

curiosity is a wonderful thing.

i stumbled upon this while trying to determine whether a fluther of jellyfish was historically accurate, as compared to, say, a smack of jellyfish. because i'd stumbled upon a question answering site which names itself after fluther, and embraces the jellyfish mascot (mascots!), and has a collective sense of humor about itself, brought to one from the very start, to wit:

your confirmation email has arrived,
like hermes, floating on his winged boots.
one press upon the link contained herein
shall prove your worthiness to float within
the varied, sparkling sea of jellythoughts:
athena's home amidst vast neptune's realm -
a thought-filled room bedecked with sparkling gems.

no spammer, griefer, troller shall you be.
for once you press upon that link above
transfiguration thereupon awaits
along with hope and humor. lo! for once
a jellyfish has found her ilk in name,
no other site shall ever be the same.
the light goes out

none of which is to say

despite all the ephemeral happiness of my current mood and journaling, i'm certainly not unmindful of the nuclear crisis in japan, along with all of the other ills which have occurred or are occurring. i may be fiddling while rome burns, but i'm not nero...nor anyone with like power to act.
fucking magnets!

term of art

magnet school

df. the institution where they taught us how those fucking things work.

i'm proud to be a magnet cum laude.
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