April 6th, 2011

like a very hairy jake gyllenhaal

yah, sorry

if you also wanted to post to or read livejournal during last night's downtime. the likelihood of lj going down is directly proportionate to the urgency with which i want to use it, and not only did i want to post, but i wanted to leave a comment for someone i only have contact info via lj. last night's downtime started literally minutes before i attempted to use lj and the same thing happened a couple days ago when the ddos attack knocked it down for a while.
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dog days, dark days, happy days, strange days

to follow along with my post about fridays, the below memorial to alex chilton written by his wife is a good example of what i referred to. it has less than a thousand views on youtube. in fact, i'm quite sure that the number of people who've seen the friday video outnumbers the number of people who've heard an alex chilton song (not including the box tops) on a scale from the ocean to this tear in my hand.

i love "he just said the other day that he wished he could be awake 24/7 – life was too interesting and he didn’t want to waste it sleeping. i laughed at that, but i knew he was serious." so true. dreams are the only saving grace of sleep. and that mix of analyticity and spontaneity.

so, i foolishly neglected to mention the other day, diminishing my ability to persuade my friend to end her journaling hiatus in the face of all the negativity is that the best way to accomplish criticism without much negativity, and often the most effective way, is with satire and parody. already two of my favorites have parodied the friday video with versions of their own, jimmy enlisting the help of stephen colbert & the roots (and raising $26k for charity at the same time), and conan with his song, thursday. (NB: i don't recommend these for everyone, especially if you haven't suffered through the original song).

jimmy & stephen

conan's is only a minute long and you have to fast forward to about 2:32.
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don't panic!

pop-up music (i've seen enough of wednesday to know i have regrets)

speaking of songs about days, and since it's wednesday, this is my wednesday song, along with a neat little piece of art:

songs about days are great when great.
"days go by", a mix:

monday, monday - the mamas & the papas
manic monday - relient k (as originated by the bangles)
stormy monday - albert king & stevie ray vaughn
blue monday - new order
tuesday morning - the pogues
tuesday afternoon - the moody blues (live)
everything's tuesday - chairmen of the board
barely out of tuesday - kid lightning (as originated by counting crows, live in his backyard)
wednesday morning, 3 a.m. - paul simon & art garfunkel
wednesday - tori amos (as above, but live)
wednesday - fischerspooner
wednesday evening blues - john lee hooker
thursday - jim croce
thursday - morphine
thursday - the futureheads
on thursday - fisk industries
friday i'm in love - the cures (this video is beautiful chaos)
saturday sun - nick drake
it's saturday - king missile
s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night - ned's atomic dustbin (as originated by bay city rollers)
10:15 saturday night - the cure (john peel session)
another saturday night - sam cooke
saturday night - the thrills
sunday morning - velvet underground
wasted early sunday morning - sneaker pimps
palm sunday tornado hits crystal lake - sufjan stevens
every day is like sunday - 10,000 maniacs (as originated by morrissey)
days go by - dirty vegas (acoustic)
open your eyes - margot & the nuclear so & so's

this dizzy life is just a hanging tree

it's wednesday, and as the margot lyric goes, wednesday, i hung from a tree.
i don't know whether richard was referencing the fact that wednesday is named after odin and odin famously hung himself upside down from the world tree, before he fell, screaming. i am certain, however, that tori was referencing this in her song when she says "even still the eagle has to land", especially since the entire song is very near to gaiman's american gods which features odin and others "lost in a place called america".

nor am i surprised that proximo made a reference to the recollection of future events ("[i] begin to recall things that you'll say").

and in my tarot for the day, the ninth and ultimate, outcome-oriented card is the hanged man.

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wednesday / odin's day ccxi
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