April 11th, 2011

lj is my squeeze machine

oil and water, when they mix

speaking of audiences and the communal experience of art, another nice thing the live audience provides is a perception of responses other than one's own. like the nervous laughter from the audience that just doesn't get it when frank zappa, or andy kaufman, or david lynch appears on a mainstream talk show, and then too, jay leno's reaction to lynch and fire walk with me.

lynch on leno's tonight show:

and camille paglia on conan, with a term of art: arc of transcendence (and fifteen years later hillary clinton and newt gingrich are still at the top of their parties):

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the 4/11

4/11/11, world parkinson's day, shout out to the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research.
a worthy cause.
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    stomp - live on jimmy - with paul simon!

it's a new day

okay, even i find this a bit spooky.

current playlist is 17,000+ tracks.

three of the last eight tracks bythos "randomly" shuffled to were different live versions of muse's cover of nina simone's feeling good.

two would stand out...but three?
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