April 18th, 2011


speaking of not getting things

i never really got avril lavigne's i'm with you in much the same way i never got lisa loeb's stay (i miss you), which, while catchy, upon inspection seemed to be a muddle of contradictory sentiments. the former because of the lines "i don't know who you are / but i'm with you". huh? but when it played on the drive home last night, i realized i now have a sense of it.
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    it's (still) a damn cold night
don't panic!

i've never wanted / something rational

i was reminded of one of my favorite personal* mondegreens when the radio gave me alanis morissette's head over feet. she's singing to a friend whose romantic overtures she'd rejected until at some point she realized she'd fallen for (him or her). the official lyrics would have her sing "you stated your case, time and again". but, in what i believe to be the better of the two, i always heard her sing "you stated your case, diamond again", diamond being a wonderfully poetic way of saying "with crystal clarity".

* a google search brings up *two* other reported observances of it
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