April 29th, 2011


term of art

eight-legged essayist

"true literature is dying out in the world, only the words of the scholars with profound learning, the eight-legged essayists, are still worth reading. its style is unprecedented; its diction reaches the limits of a talented writer; its tune changes with the passage of years and months. [every writer] is able to demonstrate his or her unique talent with different techniques. those who despise the present regard the eight-legged essay as unorthodox and discard it. thus it has not been accepted in literary circles. alas! those who do not understand the change of time, how could they know literature? ... the variety and liveliness of the eight-legged essay is a hundred times more than that of poetry."

persons of art

rouge inkstone (aka rouge inkstone studio)

elderly maimed tablet (aka odd tablet)

redology scholar zhou ruchang speculates that rouge inkstone was a woman. this hypothesis has not been universally accepted and rouge inkstone's identity continues to be shrouded in mystery.

lacking in virtues meet the azure skies to mend,
in vain the mortal world full many a year i wend,
of a former and after life these facts that be,
who will for a tradition strange record for me?
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