May 15th, 2011


it's only natural

friday's high: 79
saturday's high: 67
sunday's high: 54

hence all this lovely fog.
and sunday supposed to be grey and rainy all day.
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    but she didn't understand / she just smiled and held my hand (shatner)

(no subject)

i stepped out onto my balcony & heard church bells ringing.
eleven, already.

so much done, so much to do.
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    zydeco on the bayou
i never thought tonight could ever be /

bythos has a wicked sense of humor

in addition to all of his other virtues.

"i'm just waitin' for the show
'cause i got nowhere to go

so why should you come when i call?
i never say nothin' at all

why do i go, when i go?
it's leaving me here all alone"

but i have got my second wind, like billy joel said i would.
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    i've waited hours for this / i've made myself so sick (studio demo)