May 27th, 2011


this is really getting, uh, well, kinda strange

- detroit tigers play-by-play announcer mario impemba, commenting on the fog, which has again descended on downtown

he goes on:

"we don't see it very often here.
it's the exact same weather we saw at fenway last week.
you could barely see the players at one point.

it's almost like alfred hitchcock should jump into your screen at some point.

they first mentioned it in the 4th inning, when it had begun to settle in, as here:

it was during his monologue above, in the 6th inning, that they showed this picture of comerica park followed by this picture from last week at fenway.


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just a few minutes ago now was the friday night fireworks show at the ballpark.

at the start of it, it was an auditory display. i could see nothing through the wall of fog.

then a white strobing.

then the wall of fog was rose colored, then violet, then zinnia envy.

the colors shifted by the minute and then, finally, it was full of shooting stars, versicolour rhinestones on the pale white night's gown.