May 28th, 2011


the audacity of resignation

i was watching the bulls-heat game 5 thursday night. chicago was at home and having their way with miami. no big deal if the heat lost, though, they could pick up a win at home. i turned off the tv when, with 3:53 remaining in the game, the bulls scored a trey and stretched their lead to 12, 76-64. insurmountable, with that little time, the way both teams had been playing. i give up too easily.

this afternoon, i read the news. this evening, i watched the replay of those final 3 minutes and 53 seconds. the deficit remained 12 when the scores bumped up to 77-65. and then, miami, inconceivably, went on 14-2 run and tied up the game. chicago failed to score. king james with another deuce, for the lead. mvp rose misses a clutch free throw, and fails to tie the game back up, with 26.7 remaining. this forces chicago to foul miami. bosh makes both, forcing chicago to attempt a 3-pointer to tie. the heat's defense is smothering. chicago doesn't stand a chance. miami wins, 83-80.


nearly a year ago, on july 8th, lebron announced his DECISION to play for miami this year. just prior to that, i made a conditional fifty-dollar bet with my friend (the terms of the bet would vary depending on whether lebron went to miami or chicago, the bet would be negated if neither occurred). in order for me to win, lebron in miami needed to win the eastern conference championship & go to the finals. my friend would win if any other eastern conference team defeated them (including those mighty celtics), or if, (impossible!) they missed the playoffs altogether. from a quick google, it looks like vegas would've put the odds for my bet at about 1-1. i passed near vegas last fall, i should've bet the house.

almost three years ago, i won a wager that obama would be elected. i'm not sure i'll be willing to make the same wager in the mensis penultima. but i give up too easily. there's a few minutes still on the clock.

balancing out the rose

i've been foregoing posting, often, of late.
but keep getting pushed back toward it.

a few days ago, i discovered that a classic rock band i was unfamiliar with (except by their having been sampled by rappers), called mountain, had a live album in 1974 called twin peaks. the cover art to that album is interesting, tropical and somewhat psychedelic. if you look at the shape of the hand emerging from the multicolored robe, and its painted nails, the figure appears to be a woman. and yet, despite the ambiguity of the face, it struck me and strikes me as a darkly bearded man. a veil would cover nose and lips...what else could it be but a beard? then, notice that the figure's right eye (our left) is a pure red, and the the figure's left eye (our right) is a pure blue. now then, speaking of twin peaks, i can't imagine that david lynch or mark frost or whomever had this album cover in mind when they crafted the appearance for the twin peaks character dr. lawrence jacoby. and yet, there he is, throughout the series, a bearded man wearing lens that make his right eye (our left) a pure red, and his left eye (our right) a pure blue. and jacoby is obsessed with the tropics, as you can gather from his florid dress with the hula dancer tie.

i was going to post that, but never got around to it. then while running the other day, a guy passed by wearing a blue shirt that said in red letters on the back, jakoby (as if a brand name, not a jersey). and then, today, watching the tigers play the boston red sox, i watched their player jacoby ellsbury, whose jersey number is 2, and who is part navajo (the first navajo major leaguer), in his dark blue jersey with red letters and red undershirt, hit a home run, his second in as many games in this series at comerica park. tangentially, the score display on tv during the game, as you can see in my earlier post, has a pure red circle on our left and a pure blue circle on our right.
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