June 7th, 2011

wabbit season

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some random medical student & doctor jacoby's doctor-bound daughter:

srms: you're weird. you make paper airplanes for fun and hang them from the ceiling. you have a membership to the einstein museum and an overbearing obsession with facial symmetry.

djdbd: it indicates freedom from disease. we're biologically programmed to...

s: the point is -- you rub people the wrong way. but house is okay with your lack of bedside manner. he's okay with your willingness to argue any point with anyone, even if they outrank you. he's okay with your peculiar fashion sense.

d: it's peculiar?? [adjusts belt]

s: house doesn't think you're weird, which is weird, but good weird.

[looks down the hallway]

is that a chicken?

d: i think it's an australorp.

[all australorps are black, like all swans are white. which is to say, white australorps were discovered and she might be right.]

with house later:

d: why is it so wrong that i don't like to cheat?

h: not liking it is fine. not doing what you don't like makes you an eight-year-old. wastes your potential.
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