June 15th, 2011

owl quiet on the western front

darn fine video

and i don't recall noticing this detail before, but i love that the two works from shakes to make the intro to monsterpiece theatre, side by side, are among my favorites, hamlet and much ado.
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penny farthing

chance discoveries

i was inspired by this post to make this post.

i may have mentioned this before, but i know i didn't post the pictures.
when i visited portland in february of 2009, and discovered the city of books that is powell's, i picked up a copy of flann o'brien's the dalkey archive which, to my delight, had an abandoned bookmark. (i noticed whilst in the store, which isn't always the case with these). it was a photograph (undated, but it seems to me to be 70s-ish):


luckily for me, there was a handwritten caption on the reverse, in cursive, even (hurrah!), noting that it depicted the entrance to the wine glass ranch, off of highway 20.

a search of the internets revealed that this ranch is located in riske creek, british columbia, more than 9 hours north of vancouver (as the car drives, not the crow), and google books gave me an excerpt from irene stangoe's history and happenings in the cariboo-chilcotin: pioneer memories which gave me to know that wine glass cattle ranch had been around for more than 100 years (as of 1994), owned and operated by the durrell family for the duration. the ranch appears to be still in business, though i couldn't find certain proof.
penny farthing

chance discoveries

i was using wikipedia's random article feature just now, and the entry it gave me was "michigan sugar festival". as it turns out, the 47th annual michigan sugar festival in sebewaing is being held this very weekend. if i didn't already have plans this weekend, i would be tempted to find out for myself what goes on at a sugar festival.
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daft hunk

i joined a new band

it seems to happen every couple years.
for those of you who hadn't heard, poets and murder have broken up and i've moved on to a new band.

here's a sneak peek at our forthcoming album:

make your own album. (i use the random article for the song names, too, with tweaks).
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