July 11th, 2011

i have a heart that's made of wood

step outside / summertime's in BLOOM

this is a true story.

around about a week ago, i was feeling a bit disheartened about my infatuation with margot.
and what came to mind was oasis' song don't look back in anger with its lyrics:

please don't put your life in the hands
of a rock 'n' roll band
who'll throw it all away

and today i logged into facebook, which i typically do about once a week, if that, and saw a post by margot's facebook account from sixteen hours ago with a youtube video of a 2005 live performance by oasis of don't look back in anger. the post had 7 comments & 47 likes at the time.

i imagine richard keys more on the lyric "gonna start a revolution from my bed", because maybe he just might.

because maybe
you're gonna be the one that saves me
and i'll wake up in strawberry fields every day
lj is my squeeze machine

i ii

am mystified by spam without links (is it banksyesque?)

here, a comment i received on today's entry:

(anonymous) ( wrote:

i am assured, what is it to me at all does not approach. who else, what can prompt?

i'd be willing to bet this entry will receive a spam comment within the next 24 hours.