July 29th, 2011

dark and stormy.

adjusting to having lj around...

for the second late night/early morning in a row, there's a brilliant thunderstorm, like the kind i see so rarely these days that it seems like, in my memory, were a frequent occurrence in years past. the greatest part of it is just to north, unfortunately, but this is giving that outside-looking-perspective on the lightning strikes, of which have been plentiful. i'm writing this, briefly, while looking out my open balcony door where i'll return now, to just watch it unfold.
we owl float on owl right

terms of art (enacted)

powder down

(a woman returned from vacation to discover the imprint of an owl on her window. resident sally arnold reports the bird was not found nearby so it was likely not harmed in the incident. the image was created due to "powder down" which is a protective substance on new feathers.)


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