August 13th, 2011


working toward failure

one of the things i like about lifting weights is this poetic truth.
whether one measures it in feet-pounds (hand-pounds?) or urgghs, one is doing measurable work as per physics and the goal (generally speaking) is to fail. i feel it's worth repeating, the goal is to fail. for the muscles to surrender, unable to follow instructions. and after each failure you rebuild so that the next time you can fail better. try again. fail again. fail better. days go by.

it's fulfilling because there's only one right way to fail -- you're assured to be failing correctly. which almost isn't failing. because in the rest of your life, your failing is flailing and far more often than not, you sense that you're not rebuilding, not preparing yourself to fail better. which almost isn't failing. whatever it is.
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    can't decide sometimes if it's worth the point / the point is the struggle
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fucking magnets!

every day i'm shuffling

i don't know whether anyone else experiences this bythos effect, with this frequency.
or whether anyone else finds it remarkable.
but bythos just played, within the last half an hour, the only two versions i have of a pertinent song, one live, one not, shuffling among fifteen thousand songs.
and he, along with mnemosyne, have been playing a different song i have two versions of (one demo, one not), so many times recently as to defy explanation.

the song in the music tab is neither of the songs.
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    i wonder if everything i do / i do / instead / of something i want to do more