August 20th, 2011

always a tiger

speaking of glee

i felt some tonight when following a great tigers win over chief rival (pun noted) cleveland, it was announced that the tigers had called brandon inge up from the minors, when just earlier today i'd mentioned him in an entry. he hadn't been expected to be called up until rosters expanded in september. you can't keep a good man down. leyland looked a little abashed in the postgame interview as if wary of being asked whether this quick turnaround invalidated his decision to send inge down in the first place.
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    don't it always seem to go / that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone?
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i never thought tonight could ever be /

the world at your door

"i think that there are moments where you can see the world turning from what it is into what it will be. for me, the new york world's fair is such a moment. it is a compass rose pointing in all directions, toward imaginary future and real past, false future and immutable present, a world of tomorrow contained in the lost american yesterday."

- john crowley, from the film the world of tomorrow

(yes, that john crowley, not one of the many other john crowleys)

a film i need to watch, soon.


we went to the new york world's fair, saw what the past had been like, according to the ford motor car company and walt disney, saw what the future would be like, according to general motors. and i asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep."

- kurt vonnegut, jr., slaughterhouse-five

i was searching online for a unique item (or rather kind of item) i'd like to purchase, and lo and behold, one of the sellers' brick and mortar locations, i discover, is literally right around the corner from me. i think you might think i'm using literally as an intensifier, so:

google walking directions:

1. head southeast on *** st toward *** st.

436 ft

2 . turn left onto *** ave

destination will be on the left

89 ft

pinch me.

(realise that with a guy my size it might take a while, just to
try to figure out what all this is for
try to figure out what all this is for
try to see the world beyond your front door
try to figure out what all this is for)

when the sleeper awakes

the bottom card represents the critical factor that decides what will come to pass. seven of wands (courage): courage and daring - possibly, the courage to retreat. using one's power for transformation.

already in the brief interval since the capitulation of the councillors a great change had been wrought in the appearance of the ruins. the spurting cascades of the ruptured sea water-mains had been captured and tamed, and huge temporary pipes ran overhead along a flimsy looking fabric of girders. the sky was laced with restored cables and wires that served the council house, and a mass of new fabric with cranes and other building machines going to and fro upon it, projected to the left of the white pile.

saturday ccxlviii
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    sitting by the window of my 32nd floor apt/waiting for these memories to begin
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