August 24th, 2011

ha. ha.

no one has found / how to unring / the bell

both the performance and the audio quality leave a little something to be desired, but i came on this at youtube after bythos played the original and, well, it had 1447 views and the performance was on 4/7/10, so:

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    don't forget that your body will let it all go
like a bolt from the blue

if the sky can crack there must be some way back

as i walked down the hall from the fitness center to my apartment building's elevators, one side full length mirrors, the other full length windows open to the sky and its scrapers, there was a brillian flash of lightning. we have another great thunderstorm after last night's. there's been storms monday, tuesday, and today in florida where the tigers are playing tampa bay, storms which've messed with the power there, even delaying yesterday's game half an hour with an outage. there are patterns in chaos.

it's not why you're running
it's where you're going
it's not what you're dreaming
but what you're gonna do
it's not where you're born
it's where you belong
it's not how weak but
what will make you strong
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    hope the rain will wash away / wash away our bad luck