August 31st, 2011

always a tiger

tigers' magic number: 24

with 27 games still to play in the regular season.

and valverde with the cream pie in the face of walkoff winner santiago as he's being interviewed.
gotta love that frivolity.

this is merely a historical fact and this entry contains no forward-looking statements.
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joe sherlock

speaking of the end of civilization as we know it

every work has connections to other works and so i stumbled upon the strange case of the end of civilization as we know it (1977), a john cleese vehicle in which he plays a descendant/doppleganger of sherlock holmes, complete with a descendant/doppleganger of watson. it was a tv movie and so comes in under an hour. (this work leads to murder by death (1976), which i'm told it steals shamelessly from, and which i'm also told i'll enjoy). it's quite silly and there's not much about it to recommend, but i did enjoy some of the wordplay, as when holmes and watson are working together on a crossword:

watson: 3 down. southern california style. 1, 2, 8.

holmes: a la monterey, my dear watson.

the ending was also pretty good. and all in all decent company on a run, for a cleese fan.
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