September 3rd, 2011

always a tiger

tigers' magic number: 21

with 24 games still to play in the regular season.

congratulations to jim leyland on his 500th win as a tigers manager.

leyland: fans don't care about that sort of thing.


this is merely a historical fact and this entry contains no forward-looking statements.
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    it's all just a little bit of history repeating (propellerheads&shirley bassey)
where is my mind?

your mind is my playground

speaking of the mets, the beach, back to the future, amazing grace, lost and beardy jack, lightning and thunder, vhs cassettes, conan o'brien, name that tune, u2, the muppets, the mars rover spirit, wil smith, and trying to take over the world, the best "how you like me now?" ever:

video clip

so much of the best stuff in one grouping.

the dog days are(n't) over(?)

bythos seems to think they are since he gave me florence's song. and we are in the everything after now. but it's running in the high 90s so it's hard to trust.

serious deja vu, and why shouldn't there be?

on edge, but that's because it's hard to tell whether there's an edge with all this fog.

when you've been on a voyage without a map for seven years and finally sight what looks like your homeland on the horizon, it's apt to exacerbate your insomnia.

my evil twin...
he always wants to start when i want to begin
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    my kingdom awaits / have they forgiven my mistakes?
dharma bum

when i know, i know with this.

"welcome," said the old man. "will you come with us?"

"where are you going?"

"to the heavenly city, to see our mansions there."

"and who are these with you?"

"strangers to me, until a little while ago; i know them better now. but you i have known for a long time, john weightman. don't you remember your old doctor?"

"are you not ashamed, socrates, of asking a question when you are asked one?"

"well," i said, "but then what am i to do? for i will do whatever you bid; when i do not know what you are asking, you tell me to answer nevertheless, and not to ask again."

"why, you surely have some notion of my meaning," he said.

"yes," i replied.

"well, then, answer according to your notion of my meaning."

"yes," i said, "but if the question which you ask in one sense is understood and answered by me in another, will that please you-if i answer what is not to the point?"

"that will please me very well; but will not please you equally well, as i imagine."

"i certainly will not answer unless i understand you," i said.

"you will not answer," he said, "according to your view of the meaning, because you will be prating, and are an ancient."

now i saw that he was getting angry with me for drawing distinctions, when he wanted to catch me in his springes of words. and i remembered that connus was always angry with me when i opposed him, and then he neglected me, because he thought that i was stupid; and as i was intending to go to euthydemus as a pupil, i reflected that i had better let him have his way, as he might think me a blockhead, and refuse to take me. so i said: "you are a far better dialectician than myself, euthydemus, for i have never made a profession of the art, and therefore do as you say; ask your questions once more, and i will answer."

"answer then," he said, "again, whether you know what you know with something, or with nothing."

"yes," i said, "i know with my soul."

"the man will answer more than the question; for i did not ask you," he said, "with what you know, but whether you know with something."

"again," i replied, "through ignorance i have answered too much, but i hope that you will forgive me. and now i will answer simply that i always know what i know with something."

"and is that something," he rejoined, "always the same, or sometimes one thing, and sometimes another thing?"

"always," i replied, "when i know, i know with this."
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