September 6th, 2011

dark and stormy.

august and everything after (when it counts)

things i really liked about saturday's tigers game (now that i've had a chance to watch it):

it was nationally televised (although parts of the country watched boston/texas or st. louis/cinci)

the fact that the tigers hadn't come back from a 7 run deficit in 3 years (as noted by the announcer).

that the game was split into two sections due to a rain delay from a thunderstorm that blew through detroit.

that i set the dvr to record 1 extra hour past the scheduled broadcast period in case of a rain delay or extra innings.

the announcer as the storm arrived: "the animals are gathering in pairs here in detroit."

the announcer as fans reacted to lightning: "i love what lee trevino once told me about what he does when there's lightning on the golf course during a tournament: 'i run to my golf bag, grab my one iron and hold it straight up into the air.' 'why?' 'because even god can't hit a one iron.'

when chicago closer sergio santos "one of the most dominating closers in the game" entered in the 9th with a two run lead, he had only allowed one run in his last 17 appearances and averaged almost 2 strikeouts per inning pitched.

the announcer: "sergio santos is on to try to make this academic, and, uh, get everybody over to fx to watch college football."

the announcer: "you gotta be good when it counts. and when it counts is from the beginning of august, on. ... they need to be able to count on a guy that, if you had the lead in the 9th inning, your manager knows he can hand that ball to you and that game's over with. and that's pretty much what santos has been."

the announcer reading the broadcast team credits during austin jackson's at bat with only one out in the 9th.

the announcer stating: "if you put jackson on base now you bring in the chance for a two-run homer to tie this game." shortly before jackson put himself on base & raburn hit a two-run homer to tie that game.

austin jackson's 4th hit of the night, also his 2nd triple, in the 9th. (i had had to explain to my friend that aj's knack for triples was why he was a lock to be our leadoff batter.)

the announcer: "and just for you people at home who keep track of funny stats, both of austin jackson's triples [took him exactly 11 seconds to run the bases]."

that jackson's triples put him ahead of former tigers tripler curtis granderson (who he directly replaced in a trade, in both fielding & batting positions) as american league leader so far on the season.

the announcer on what santos' mindset should be: he should act as though jackson wasn't on third: "he means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of this game. he means nothing."

raburn's fist pump as he heads towards first, eyes on the ball, knowing it's headed out of the park.

that, in an almost-mudville situation, bottom of the 9th with two out (though tied, rather than losing), on the very first pitch all-star hitter miguel cabrera hit the winning home run.

the announcer: "of all the unlikely comebacks!"

miggy's smile.

that the rain delay was short enough that there was 2 minutes to spare on the recording and i didn't miss the ending.

white sox player paul konerko interviewed before the game the next day: "you play in a lot of games that are forgetful [forgettable]. last night, i don't think anybody will ever forget that, on our team. i've never been in one like that before."

it was the biggest home comeback by the tigers ever since their move to comerica park.