September 14th, 2011

charlie at the mound


i should say in regard to my earlier (accurate) prediction, that it was a full moon tonight, a full moon which they displayed several times during the tigers broadcast.

part of what makes me so happy to see the two individual milestones reached is that they're not just a testament to the players' longevity, but also that they're still getting it done at their age -- rivera is 41 and wakefield 45 (we can only hope he makes it another 2 years, knock). although wake sure didn't make it easy.
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    all the other kids with the pumped up kicks can't outrun my bullet
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always a tiger

tigers' magic number: 4

with 14 games still to play in the regular season.

(i should say now since they're currently playing a day game.)

this is merely a historical fact and this entry contains no forward-looking statements.

pet shop boys, thanks to bythos:

"for right now i think i'm running / a race i know i'm gonna win."

this is merely a lyrical quotation and does not constitute a forward-looking statement.
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    i feel like taking all my clothes off / dancing to the rite of spring
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