October 4th, 2011


i'm not sure what to make of it

but yesterday at the ballpark, two of the three quarters i got in change for my hebrew national dog were connecticut quarters (one of them tho(roughly) scratched up, front and back, as if it had been munched on by a lawnmower) (the third was not a state quarter). and then, today, (not yet at the ballpark), i received two quarters in change, one a connecticut quarter, the other not a state quarter. the charter oak on the flipside, with its bare branches, resembles this icon of mine.

maybe, in part, because i've been reading wallace stevens yesterday and today? (i did not recently, or ever, receive a mercury dime in change.) perhaps our familiar spirit at play? (jm arrived in 1955, the same year ws departed (this mortal coil as well)).
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always a tiger

let's go tigers!

last night i was in the 41st row in the lower level; tonight i'll be in the 4th row in the second level, at nearly the same spot along the first base line. last night i had the misfortune of sitting next to two yankees fans (that they were wise enough not to sport yankees garb and not particularly vociferous, some consolation) -- i hope to avoid this tonight.

gladly, then, a highlight from last night's pregame was jeff daniels playing the guitar and singing his song "tiger fan blues" (the 2011 version), with a new section in which he rhymed and reeled off the names all the players on the team. and with the line "if you're a yankees fan, you know what you can do".

watching the recording of the game, i'm surprised by how well our chants of "m-v-p!" can be heard on the broadcast as jv was finishing innings out.

i like our guys. they just have an aura about them:

walking off with a win
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    pardon my elation/excuse my bliss/but we're leading the league/in happiness