October 10th, 2011


kindred spirits

"most community fans assume abed has asperger’s syndrome. many of the signs are there: his inability to pick up on others’ feelings, his tendency to relate more to film and tv than to actual people, his obsessive analyzing and categorizing of events. from the beginning, [community creator and writer dan harmon] didn’t want to specify the character’s pathology, but out of curiosity he eventually started looking into asperger’s.

'so, in a very naive way—and i’ve never told anybody this before—i started researching the disorder,' harmon says. 'i started looking up these symptoms, just to know what they are. and the more i looked them up, the more familiar they started to seem. then i started taking these internet tests.' the tests came up positive.

when he began writing community, harmon thought the character he related to most was [jeff] winger, who had 'all the defense mechanisms that i acquired,' harmon says. but the more online tests for asperger’s he took, the more he began to wonder if he was just as similar to abed. it had never occurred to him before, he says, because he has always been so oversensitive.

eventually, harmon met with a doctor and came to understand that symptoms of the disorder lie on a spectrum, and that in fact there is a place on it for people with inappropriate emotional reactions and deep empathy. harmon now sees that he may fit somewhere on that spectrum, though figuring out exactly where could take years.

when he created a tv character who relates to the world through television, harmon didn’t realize that he was, in a sense, inserting himself into his show. ever since he recognized this, writing in abed’s voice has gotten much easier; all harmon has to do, he says, is “open up my memory.” and he has learned to understand himself a bit better, including why—like abed—he sometimes unintentionally hurts those around him.

at the end of [the episode] 'film studies', abed offers jeff an apology/explanation for the [my dinner with andre] stunt. he wasn’t trying to manipulate or fool him. instead, he’d picked a movie about two distant friends because it was the only way he could convey to jeff how he felt about their own friendship. abed, like the guy who created him, was simply trying to connect."
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always a tiger


"tigers manager jim leyland, who suffered through a rainout in the tigers' 2006 world series -- which his team lost to st. louis -- admitted that mother nature can be a bit fickle this time of year.

'when the second [rain delay] came about, [taking justin verlander out was] a no-brainer,' leyland said. 'i think that this was a little bit of a weird night, obviously, with the rain the way it was. ... and i guess it's a little weird verlander was involved in both of these rain situations.'"

justin verlander pitches in both opening games of the two series thus far and is knocked out of both by rain delays/postponements. and then game 2 of this series, scheduled for sunday evening, is moved to monday afternoon because of rain in the forecast.

always a tiger

lions, and tigers, and (yes!) bears. oh my!

i'm stil kind of in disbelief at the outcome of game one.
and now we get a weekday day game.

the same day that the lions are playing on monday night football, the first time the lions have played on monday night in ten years, almost to the day (the last was 10/8/2001). and the first at this new downtown location ford field, which is across the street from the tigers' comerica park. and yes, the lions are hosting the bears, how fitting.