October 13th, 2011

goat of the sea beef

fisherman's luck

again i remembered a saying of walton: "well, scholar, you must endure worse luck sometimes, or you will never make a good angler."

     or a good man, either, i am sure. for he who knows only how to enjoy, and not to endure, is ill-fitted to go down the stream of life through such a world as this.

     i would not have you to suppose, gentle reader, that in discoursing of fisherman's luck i have in mind only those things which may be taken with a hook. it is a parable of human experience. i have been thinking, for instance, of walton's life as well as of his angling: of the losses and sufferings that he, the firm royalist, endured when the commonwealth men came marching into london town; of the consoling days that were granted to him, in troublous times, on the banks of the lea and the dove and the new river, and the good friends that he made there, with whom he took sweet counsel in adversity; of the little children who played in his house for a few years, and then were called away into the silent land where he could hear their voices no longer. i was thinking how quietly and peaceably he lived through it all, not complaining nor desponding, but trying to do his work well, whether he was keeping a shop or writing books, and seeking to prove himself an honest man and a cheerful companion, and never scorning to take with a thankful heart such small comforts and recreations as came to him.

       it is a plain, homely, old-fashioned meditation, reader, but not unprofitable. when i talk to you of fisherman's luck, i do not forget that there are deeper things behind it. i remember that what we call our fortunes, good or ill, are but the wise dealings and distributions of a wisdom higher, and a kindness greater, than our own. and i suppose that their meaning is that we should learn, by all the uncertainties of our life, even the smallest, how to be brave and steady and temperate and hopeful, whatever comes, because we believe that behind it all there lies a purpose of good.
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here's a little ghost for the offering

(mister mikey welsh has gone painting)

i had actually pondered an entry regarding the death of sometime bassist and constant artist mikey welsh when i read the news. decided not to, but then gras asked about it.

weezer in the headline grabbed me & then of course the story of the tweet(s). the main reason i didn't post is that the story seems pretty simple: a self-fulfilled prophecy. he knew he planned to overdose and decided to tweet about it. the dream perhaps a cover, because revealing his intentions directly would only invite interlopers, or perhaps he actually had such a dream and was inspired to enact it. but a plan is not a prophecy. and i think he was smart enough to know the tweet would increase the attention paid to his death and hence his life and life's works. which benefits his family.

which leads me to a side note about suicide. there was a time when i couldn't fathom why anyone (outside extreme circumstances, like, say, a prisoner of war without hope of escape) would want to commit suicide. i still find it hard to fathom how anyone with (non-adult) children could. i would think that children would always be a reason to keep on, both by providing a purpose and joy in life and the foreknowledge of the devastating effect a parent's death would have on a child. george bailey, at least, felt it was the only way he could provide for his family, which seems plausible. but this all because i come at it from a mindset of rationality, and i've certainly gotten used to observing behaviour which seems to me to be irrational.

anyway, a few things almost prompted me to make this entry anyway.
first, his status as a practioner of art brut, which i'd just encountered in another context this week.
then, looking a little at his bio and work (most of his paintings aren't my cup of tea, but i'm glad they are someone's. i did like his photo of his fortune cookie "you are gifted in many ways"), i saw that a few of his exhibitions were at a gallery in his chosen town of burlington, vermont called sanctuary 47.

but on the odd coincidences front, bythos really did give me r.e.m.'s man on the moon while i was writing this.
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dark and stormy.

this weird rain

i look at storms on the radar maps fairly often...in this neck of the woods they're always moving east, even if it's northeast or southeast and not due east. but this front that caused the rain delay today (and came back to mist things up later) was moving due north (as i see in the material recorded while i was away (due to the mechanics of dvr i recorded the rain delay and not most of the game).

good chance of rain tomorrow at four, only getting higher as the night goes on.

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always a tiger

it goes on and on and on / and it goes on and on and on

okay, so the millionth post from me in 36 hours, but a picture reads faster than a thousand words.

(note -- the very first song bythos gave me was the upbeat anthem dynamite by taio cruz which contains the lyrics in my title -- the very same lyrics that appear in the journey song we sing at every game)

(further note -- i didn't realize it at the time, but i accidentally clicked "set as desktop background" instead of preview when looking at this photo, so now it's my desktop background.)
it's the sun

i wanted sun and got me some

i wore my shades today to ward off the rain and it worked.

the sun shone bright right at me in left field from four to six and the rain (forecast with a 70% chance from six to seven) stayed away (although the sky did grey and frustratedly spit a little).
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daft as jack

it's the tops

the four tops added an "ain't no country like the one we've got" to the closing of their anthem performance.

(i like the cleverness more than the patriotism -- i know we've got a fixer-upper)
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