November 2nd, 2011


office gossip

i like james spader's small occasional role on the office and like even more that his character's name is robert california.

in a recent episode they had a nice story point in which darryl, who once led the warehouse team and is currently in the main office, is crushed when he finds out that the warehouse team's lotto group (which he no longer participates in) has hit it big, still using the numbers which were in use when he was still a part of the group, which include his birthday. but then (spoilers, i guess) they didn't do anything with it. he just decided he was going to work harder to be moderately successful and stopped being glum instantly. but it is a sitcom, so what did i expect?
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owl quiet on the western front

au contraire, mon frère

hate to contradict you, but
as it happens, au contraire
au contraire, yes, au contraire
& au contraire, you square
wash that notion from your hair
if you're still there, i must declare
au contraire, mon très bon frère
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turn turn turn / return

there is a proper season for making attacks with fire, and special days for starting a conflagration.

the proper season is when the weather is very dry; the special days are those when the moon is in the constellations of the sieve, the wall, the wing or the cross-bar;

[these are, respectively, the 7th, 14th, 27th, and 28th of the twenty-eight stellar mansions, corresponding roughly to sagittarius, pegasus, crater and corvus.]

for these four are all days of rising wind.
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that said,

saturday, november 5

look to the upper left of the moon this evening for the great square of pegasus, tipped up on one corner.

daylight-saving time ends (for most of north america) at 2 a.m. sunday morning. clocks "fall back" an hour.

friday, november 4

jupiter's moon io disappears behind jupiter's western limb tonight around 10:24 p.m. eastern daylight time. then it reappears out of eclipse from jupiter's shadow, just barely off the planet's eastern limb, around 12:44 a.m. edt. at almost that same minute, jupiter's great red spot should be crossing the planet's central meridian.
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