March 25th, 2012


the silliest things make me tear up

it should have been no surprise that i didn't really enjoy las vegas while marooned inside corridors of eternal faux night, and it wasn't until i stepped back and stepped out in my role as a determined flâneur that i found things to marvel at and enjoyed myself.

the gentleman in the below pictures was just marvelous. (please to be looking then reading on):

not only was he a terrific performer (he portrayed a perfect statute, then, while making robotic movements and whistles, interacted with passerby), but i loved his messages and his dedication (he was there on saturday at 1pm when i walked by and then again at about 9pm when i walked by from the opposite direction; he was there again sunday at 4pm and 8pm).

when i stepped close to see him for the first time on saturday, before i'd made a donation to him, he reached out his fist to me, an offer to bump fists, which i did. i did donate a dollar, and he handed me one of the small slips of paper from his front pocket which i'd seen him handing to other persons. between the fist bump, his missive, and the sheer poignancy of his endeavour, i teared up behind the safety of my sunglasses as i walked away.

the note:

when i saw him on the saturday evening walk, i threw in another five dollars. i hope saying so doesn't seem braggadocial -- i just wanted to express how much he gladdened me, how much i want to support his endeavours.

bythos gave me regina's fidelity, truly one of my favourite songs of all time, especially with respect to ineffable emoting.
don't panic!

be careful what you wish for

the other day in the elevator with my hands full i accidentally bumped the button displayed as my userpic here. it turned a bright red and a recorded voice began reciting statements about the building and elevator location. my face also turned bright red and i reported to the security fellow at the front desk the erroneous alarum.

bythos gave me (a live version of) billy joel's we didn't start the fire. is he not hilarious? tell me he's not hilarious!
penny farthing

i know what i'm doing; don't ever wonder

this morning, driving down a busyish city street, i approached one of those electric display signs next to a speed limit sign which tells you and the world how fast you (or one of the vehicles near you) are going so that you might compare yourself to the mandate. the speed limit was 35 mph and the lit sign told me, quite confidently with three blinking appearances, that i was traveling 47 mph.

not a mirage

believe your eyes.

the two white dots in the sky behind the pyrotechnic display are venus and jupiter in their close proximity hanging around as they did that night and have been doing.

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